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Chemical contaminants are removed with this three filter system that uses carbon block and ultra filtration technology to provide improved drinking water.  There is no storage tank or drain water required Reverse osmosis water filtration system whole house water filtration system cabo plumbing service water softener service and replacement

Produces up to 50 gallons of water per day.  The cartridges pivot out for easy removal and replacement

Sterling Drinking Water Systems:

Sterling manufactures several reverse osmosis systems and a chemical reduction unit.

5-stage system filters water at a molecular level reducing harmful contaminants and turns common tap water into the fresh, quality water nature intended us to drink

High efficiency softener only uses 4 lbs of salt per regeneration, 33% savings compared to standard softeners

Rust handler softener, removing higher levels of ferrous iron that a standard softener. Push button simpicity makes it easy to retrieve information

System performance and ease of service with the modular design and adjustable regeneration cycle sequences, along with other features

Sterling offers various types of residential water softeners, which include:Non-electric, Mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, and twin tank alternating systems.

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